Refresh table that rely on a jquery

Hi, my issue here is quite simple :
i have a table with this {{}} in table data
anomaly_without_ticket is JS function that return a array

The probleme come when i want to create a button to refresh this table

i created a button with onClick : {{anomaly.anomaly_without_ticket()}}
When i press the button i get a success message on the query but the table is unafected

Hi there!
This approach wouldn’t automatically update the data in the table with the onClick.
A better approach I can recommend is to connect your table to the Appsmith store, then have your JsObject run on page load.
You can use the following as the data for your table widget:

{{ || []}}

Within the JsObject, you can set or update the table data like so:

await storeValue('tableData', <DESIRED_TABLE_DATA>) 
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Also, to help us reproduce and debug your initial approach, could you please share the following information:

  1. What is your Appsmith version?
  2. Please share a screenshot of the anomaly JS Object.

thx alot man ! love you

I’m glad I was able to help!
Thanks for your continuous support and patience. We hope your issue is resolved now.

Let us know how we did.