Redirect users to the production website when domain is entered

I have deployed a self-hosted appsmith in digital ocean. I was wondering if there is a way to redirect users directly to production application home page instead of the appsmith login page. Any help/suggestion will be highly appreciated.

Example: I have setup appsmith in a domain named:; Now I want to take the user to the actual applications login page instead of appsmith’s login page.

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Hey @naqib, today it’s not possible to set the application page as the home/root page. I’ll check with my team to see if we can create any redirections using other services.

Else, we’ll understand more uses-cases like these and create a new GitHub issue to solve this.

Hi @naqib :wave:
We’ve been thinking about this feature recently and doing a little research on it. Would you be willing to talk to us about this? You can find some time on my calendar below

Hi guys, any news on this topic?
I have the same problem, thanks

Hello @tool!
Unfortunately, this is not possible as of today. However, there’s a way to do this in another way. In order to achieve this, you can install nginx/apache and add custom routing there.
However, this will be fruitful only if there is a single application running in your Appsmith.

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Hi @Amelia !
thank for the your reply! At the moment, it could be the solution because we have only 1 app running on our Appsmith… and yes we have already installed nginx proxy manager (that now is pointing to subdom. domain. com).
What do we need to change so that when the user clicks on he is redirected to ? redirection or proxy hosts?

Thank you

Hi @tool! You would need to write redirect rules in your nginx configuration file. Here is a tutorial on how to add rewrite rules in nginx. And you can find more of those helpful tutorials online.