Redirect to appsmith login page

I have an app that is set to private and when I access it through the link on the Share page, I get an appsmith-branded 404 error instead of a login page. We can build a custom login page, but I thought a default login page would be bundled in automatically (and one is found if they go to the small sign-in button in the upper-right corner, but most people would be bothered by the big page not found error).

This has a further issue of new users being pointed at a survey and a tutorial for making an app. We have some semi-internal users (vendors, contractors) that really don’t need this. I guess we’ll need to set up our own login system.

This is Pranav from Appsmith team. I’ve removed earlier reply as it not correct info.
Let me clarify this for you -

  1. If the app is private and a logged in user(who doesn’t have access) tries to access it, they’ll see 404. If user is not logged in they will be redirected to Appsmith login page.
  2. If the user is invited they won’t be asked to do the tutorial.
  3. If you want to avoid, Appsmith login page at all; make your app public and build a custom login page.

It is good to know that is intended. However it is not what occurs. I’ve opened a bug report on this.