Query Params needs 3 handlebars?

When putting query params into a button, you have to use three handlebars.

{{{“email”: “testtesttest”}}} works just fine. However single, double, or no handlebars does not.

The help page for “navigate to” isn’t very helpful for what it expects, and neither is the page for "share data across pages.

The instructions are very clear for javascript, in the non-javascript version of the input, I would expect no handlebars would be desired at all, let alone 3.

Ideally for the non-JS version of the input, you’d have a separate input for the key and the value, and possibly ask for the user to input keys separated by commas and values separated by commas (since the target audience for the non-JS version is going to be someone with limited understanding of programming or are using it to get a demonstration of what is expected in JS).

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Am I missing something? Does it really require 3 handlebars? What’s the proper syntax from that version of the form for multiple params?

@EricSGS Could you send a screenshot or screen recording of this behavior so we can see it up close?


This is correct. What’s happening is that you’re wrapping the JSON object in double brackets. The third pair is just the surrounding brackets of the object itself. This allows you to use JS to build the object if needed and allows proper parsing of the JSON object.

Please update documentation about that then. Both here and here.

It doesn’t seem intuitive when you are in the non-JS view to require handlebars, particularly that many handlebars. If you want to use JS to build the object, double-handlebars is nice. If you’re just putting some text in, it shouldn’t be required. Remember, the non-JS view features drop-downs and other easy / non-programmer interfaces. Having a toggle, then a drop-down, then a field that requires triple-handlebars is non-intuitive.


Thank you for pointing that out.
Could you please help us file a documentation improvement request using the following link?- Sign in to GitHub · GitHub, then click the get started button next to documentation improvement.

Please include your use case and how it will be useful for you.

Documentation improvement isn’t an option.

Also the link to “datasource troubleshooting” here is weird because it links to an Openai page instead of an Appsmith page.



Hey @EricSGS! Here is the proper link for the docs issue: