Queries timing out


I am trying to execute MySQL queries on appsmith, but it is timing out very frequently. Do every insert/ update query create new connection pools and how do we increase the connection pool ?

Hello @Robin,
Can you send a screenshot of what the query looks like?
Also, how may records are you trying to insert/update at a time?

Most of the times we are inserting a single record at a time.

The query is timing out even after around 15 secs.

Here is a sample query fetch/ update query:

Select * from instructor_inhouse_details where user_id={{tutor_id.text}}

UPDATE instructor_inhouse_details
joining_date={{joiningDate.selectedDate==‘’ ? null : moment(joiningDate.formattedDate).format(‘YYYY-MM-DD’)}},
termination_date ={{moment(termination_date.formattedDate).format(‘YYYY-MM-DD’)}},

Hey @Robin
Can you try adding single quotes around the values you’re inserting:
e. g

UPDATE instructor_inhouse_details SET email={{email.text}}, name={{tutor_name.text}} ...


UPDATE instructor_inhouse_details SET email='{{email.text}}', name='{{tutor_name.text}}'... 

Hey tried that as well! not helping!
It is essentially timing out.
The same query has been running for past 6 months.

Hi Sir! Could you update! This is of urgent priority, as the same queries were executing earlier. It is encountering timeouts since the last 2 days.

Hey @Robin,

I’m Jimmy with Appsmith support. :wave:

Can you tell us when you started encountering this issue? Did you update your instance or did it suddenly stop working?

Also, could you provide a screenshot, or even text, of the actual query so we can check if it needs adjustment? If you’re not comfortable sharing that here then you can invite support@appsmith.com to you app as a developer and provide a link to the query in question here instead. This way we can take a closer look at the issue.