Printing a physical label

Hi Appsmith community,

I’m very much a n00b in this space, so I apologize if this question is too far outside the scope of the Appsmith community forums. The question: how would you go about printing physical labels for items starting from Appsmith? Specifically, I want to be able to print primary keys generated via new database entries to make labels for various items for inventory purposes around our lab.

I’m sure I could build a simple python program to query our database and then communicate with a usb label maker, but it would be lovely to integrate with the interface that’s actually doing all the database IO (Appsmith).

Thank you in advance for any ideas you might have!


@dslotcavage Unfortunately, this is not possible on Appsmith today. But it might work with some third-party tools integrated with Appsmith. I found this one. Haven’t personally tried it out but might give some ideas - How to automatically print shipping labels | Zapier

Thanks, Dancia. Yeah, I assumed third-party tools are the way to go here. This is definitely giving me some ideas.