Password reset mails not being send


We configured our self-hosted instance of Appmsith as follows:

(mail_from and username are the same; reply_to is a no-reply address).

Users receive invite mails, but I’m not receiving password reset mails. How can that be?

Hello! I’m sorry you are facing this issue.
Please send us the server logs to help us investigate the issue. You can grab the logs by running docker logs -f appsmith.
Or you could follow the steps from this guide on how to get the logs for a deployment based on Docker Compose (most common).

Hello Amelia

Thanks a lot for your swift and kind response.

After trying for the fifth time, today (without changing any configuration), I received a mail about 20 minutes after my last attempt. The password reset occured successfully.
There were some hickups thereafter, though; which we fixed by manually restarting.

I share the log entries for today, in case the Appsmith Team has any use to it.

Thanks for sharing the logs, we’ll take a look to find out what’s going wrong.