Password Matching Validation

Hi everyone, I am a newbie on coding and I’m testing Appsmith for my first low code tool. I’m currently making a custom registration form for my app and I’m trying to implement a password matching validation in the form whereby when a user inputs password in the first ‘Password box’, the second ‘Password box’ will have to match with the first box. Can someone point me out how to do this? I checked the normal Javascript outside Appsmith and it will usually be referencing using getElementbyID and I’m not really sure how it works in Appsmith. Thanks and appreciate the help!

Hello there!
Referencing elements directly in the DOM is currently not possible on Appsmith, however, You can reference the widgets directly by their name and get the properties you want from the widgets. I’ll assume you’re using an Input widget for this purpose so I’ll link you directly to the docs that explain how you can maximize the potential of the Input Widget -

To better understand what widgets are and what types of widgets are available on Appsmith, check here -