Page load becomes very sluggish and slow when adding more containers

I’m building a page with about 6 tabs in it and each tab has a table to query data from mysql database and couple containers with about 20 Text labels to display the data from the table into a more pleasant and structured way. The page becomes very slow and it takes up to 10 seconds to load the page. That is extremely slow as only two of the tabs are filled up by now. I’m affraid if i add more structure to the rest of the tabs, it will become unnusable. The more containers i add to the tabs the slower the page becomes. If i navigate to a different page with less data, it loads normally, if i go back to this page it loads very slowly. Anybody know’s what’s causing this and how to mitigate this issue?

@Gene we are aware of a performance issue in the app and we’re actively working on fixing it. You should see an improvement in our next release. Wrt this issue, can you check whether the data for all tabs is being loaded? You can turn off running the queries for every tab onPageLoad and load them onTabSelected, this will improve the performance. You can also consider splitting the different tabs into pages if that is a viable option for you. Lastly, you can check the amount of data being returned by each query. You should have server side pagination configured if you are running multiple large queries