Not able to make custom column editable

hi Team,

I am trying to use table from appsmith, apart from the 4 columns provide, i am not able to make new columns editable.
Editable section is coming as greyed out.

Can you share the content in the table data field?

HI Pranav, it is a sample data used

“col1”: “#1”,
“col2”: “Drop a table”,
“col3”: “true”,
“col4”: “true”,
“col5”: “true”,

Raised a critical issue for this - [Bug]: Unable to add an editable custom column · Issue #19447 · appsmithorg/appsmith · GitHub

Hi @gauravs23 we have deliberately not supported editing custom column for now as we are unable to understand how the save and get functions/apis will work in such cases.

Can you explain how you plan to save the data which the user updated and get it back from the database and display on the table? This is the original issue for editing custom columns - [Feature]: Custom column in table v2 should be editable · Issue #14893 · appsmithorg/appsmith · GitHub

hi @dilip,
Suppose you did a search on inputbox and get the result from database to be shown on table, now we want to provide each row columns to be editable and then you can call Onclick in Save button of each row.

@gauravs23 but in this case, once the column is in the database then you can retrieve it in your api right? It won’t be a custom column anymore since the query will now get back the data from the database.

How do you plan to resolve this?

Let’s take this as example, i have user details and one column is Active column(this decides user is active or inactive) which i want to make it editabe by providing switch facility.
So when we did search of userid and got the details of that user visible in table, now as active column is switch type, i want to make user as Inactive by clicking on switch button and save that row.
But Switch is coming non editable , it is only driven on value fetched from db but can’t be made user input dependent as it is available on default table columns

Apologies for the delayed response, i believe i am not able to explain my concern properly. If you have some time we can connect on a call - Calendly - Dilip Pitchika

This is the flow that you said, let’s assume custom column is editable and work through this

  1. You have some data coming from a db and you show it in table
  2. You add a new custom column which is editable and allow people to toggle a switch on or off. This column is not present in your database.
  3. You trigger an API for saving the data from the switch. This creates a new column in your database.
  4. You now fetch the data again from the database to show on the table. The response has the new column from your data and the existing custom column on the table.

In this case, you have to hide the new column or the existing custom column as there are 2 exact columns. I need to understand how you want to handle step 3 and 4 in your case.