No data display on list when first deployed

I have a table that when I select a row the data for it comes up on the right and the corresponding data from a different sheet comes up in a list below, it works but does not initially display on the list when deployed.

but once I click a different row and reclick the first it does display, how can I make sure it automatically displays with the list below so it looks like this how it should on initial deploy.

Hi! Does the list get populated with data fetched by a query that runs in the onRowSelected event of the Table widget? In this case, you would need to also run the query on page load.

Yes I have that turned on with the outcome I described.

Is the Default Selected Row set to 0?
If you refresh the page, then go to the query that populates the list widget, has it run successfully on page load, and is it returning the expected data?

The default is set to 0. If I refresh the page it looks the same as how it looks in the pictures, it only looks like the last picture if I click a new row or click and new row then go back to the first row.

But what is the response of the query when you reload the page? Does it return an error or does it not run at all?
Can you also share a screenshot of the binding you used in the Items property of the List widget, of the onRowSelected event of the Table widget, and of the query that fetches the data for the list?

The query runs fine without reloading, no reload is necessary for it to work once I click on different rows. There is never an error returned.

Can you share a screenshot with the binding in the Table Data property of the Table widget too?

I am not sure what you mean what would you like me to screenshot, the query binded to the table data?

Yes, this is what I meant:

Also, do these 2 queries that are running onRowSelected depend on each other or are they independent?


The data in the catalog list depends on the row selected in the table yes.

In this case, you need to chain the queries. The catalog query needs to run only after the requestors query is done. This documentation on JavaScript Promises should help.