Multiple versions of app previously deployed are still visible and not overwritten by new deployment

Context: We’re using Appsmith Cloud and the application is set to Public so that we can share a link.

Surely each time you deploy an app it should overwrite the old version and make it so that you cannot see or access the old version of the app. This is not the case.
Turns out the link to the old deployment still works. I cannot find a way to disable these previous deployments. So in theory you could have numerous old version of the app floating around being accessed.

Hey @cmac, this seems to be a bug; here’s the GitHub issue:

In addition, the link to your deployed app does not change; you will need to refresh it whenever there is a new version. Please let us know if this is not the case on your app.

Hey @vihar,
I still think there is an issue - it basically relates to what page you have selected as a homepage when you deploy different versions. Instead of the new versions homepage showing as the first “landing page” links to previous versions can actually land on their respective “home pages”.
I still think its a bug that previous links still let you land on a different homepage, might be better to make it that the current newly deployed version overrides all prior versions?

I sort of noticed this when as a quick hack to fake User logins for in a demo app, we created a JS object that looks like it does a simple login check on a page. This was done in a newer version off our little app. Basically, it only works as a fake login if you land on that page. Because previous versions were deployed with a different homepage it just means that it lands on a different homepage, thus not showing the fake login object.
Does this make sense?

Hey @cmac
I didn’t understand what do you mean by old deployment still works are you talking about two different apps? Or updates to the same app, but as the users are already using older version of the app when you deploy they don’t see the new changes. Can you please clarify?

Hey @pranav,
Same app.
When we modify an app and then want to deploy it we get a new URL to share.
This update of the app might include a new page which is supposed to be the “home page” for the app.
However, if users have already been using the app they can still end up with the app opening on the old “home page” as opposed to then new one. The app appears to be the new version though, you can see that it changed, they just land on a different page than we’d like them to, they actually bypass the home page that we set.
The new homepage was a crude login page with a little dumb hard-coded JavaScript checker
I.e. “if username = x, and password = y, navigate to the home page” with the usernames and passwords stored in a hidden table on the page. It was purely to show as a demo to a client and meant we didn’t have to set up a “real” authorisation solution for this demo.
Hope that makes sense (or did I just confuse the issue)?

I am still confused a little with this - However, if users have already been using the app they can still end up with the app opening on the old “home page” as opposed to then new one.

Do you mean if a user had been using the old app and you publish the new one. If they close the app and after some time go back to the app home page again they’ll see the old home page and not the new one? If this is the case then it could be a bug.
If you are still able to reproduce the issue, can you please share the screen recording?