Multiple Input in Dynamic List

From the ‘Dynamic Inputs’ example (Appsmith),

I would like to add multiple inputs per row as the picture below. The JS code I’m using is not working.


[...(||[]), {input2:""}, {select2:""}],


@beTaTH Can you check if you are using the correct storevalue variable inputValue2 in the List widget as well?

The List Widget has

{{( || [])}}

The input boxes in the list are working fine.
The Select Boxes are not working, only the first one is selectable.
When I try to select the 2nd or 3rd Select Box, no value were change.

@beTaTH Yes, I get it now. This is because the Select widget is not yet supported in the List widget. When you try to drag and drop the widget inside the list it flags a message saying that it cannot be used inside the list widget.

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