Multiple contributors, multiple environments


I’m just getting started with Appsmith and have followed a few tutorials, and I’m impressed with how quick and easy it is to get an application up and running. Good job!

I’ve successfully switched between git branches locally, but couldn’t find where the ‘app configuration’ (pages, widgets etc.) information is stored. Would a co-worker be able to pick up those changes and view on their instance simply by pulling the branch changes?

A related question is how would changes be pushed to a dev, staging and prod environment? What needs to get ‘deployed’? (Note that I’ll be running on Google Kubernetes Engine, or perhaps Cloud Run, but my question isn’t specific to those platforms, just the general process of pushing a change to a different environment.)


Hello and welcome to our community!

To properly track changes in your development locally, we would suggest the following:

  • Creating a separate branch for each developer/user working in edit mode
  • Creating/Writing meaningful commit messages to track them easily
  • Follow the git workflow basically

A co-worker should be able to pick up those changes and view them on their instance simply by pulling the branch changes.

Regarding pushing the changes to a dev, staging, and prod environment, we don’t have an auto-deployment feature right now. So one has to go to the edit mode of the App and pull changes manually in the respective instance.

I hope this answers your questions.