Multi row table with button column

I have a table with multi row selection enabled. The table also has a button column. When clicking on a button in the button column, the row of the clicked button also triggers the row select. This means whenever subsequent button are pressed the table has many rows selected.

How do you prevent the button press from triggering the selected row?

Hi Rickerdo,

I’m trying to understand your requirement: If you have multi-row select enabled on the table, why would you have a button on every column? If the action that you are performing is not dependent on a single row, perhaps it would be better to move the button to somewhere outside the table?


The scenario is:

  • a button column to allow editing of a single row
  • multi row selection to remove more than one row at once using a button outside of the table

It seems this would be a common use case scenario. Is there a better way to achieve the needs above?

Screenshot of current layout…

Thanks, Rickerdo. Scenario is clear now. We’re checking with the team, will get back to you soon.

Hi Rickerdo,

This feature is not available now, to prevent row selection on click of a button. Here’s the issue to track the status: [feature]: [Table widget] clicking on a Interact-able cell (button, icon button) should not select the corresponding row. · Issue #11403 · appsmithorg/appsmith · GitHub


Thanks for the quick response.

As I open a modal window when one of the edit buttons is clicked, I force a refresh of the table widget before closing the modal. This deselects any previously selected rows. It’s a temporary hack, but should suffice until the feature you submitted is in place.