Looking for an appsmith developer to assist me

Hello, Not sure if its ok to post this here but I cant seem to find appsmith developers elsewhere. I am looking for somebody who can assist me in building a basic frontend for a B2B MVP, I think it’s relatively simple and basically only requires 2 forms and some “advanced” data tables for displaying product data to users which is fetched from my external backend API (backendless.com).

I can send detailed requirements if anybody is interested. I am trying to find an affordable solution to beta test an idea. Quotes for a Bubble solution so far have not been appealing, not sure if appsmith might be easier and more affordable to test with. Thanks

Hello @jay543 ,

Have you tried posting in the Discord?

It might help if you create a few mock-ups and list the requirements so people can tell at a glance if they would be able to help or not.

If you post a job on UpWork, I would mention that the Appsmith editor is somewhat similar to Retool. Appsmith is still fairly new so I don’t think you’ll find any Appsmith-specific freelancers. But a Retool dev should be able to pick it up quickly, and mentioning ‘Retool’ in your post will help it show up in their search results.

@jay543 I’d be happy to help you. Drop me an email.

Thanks I posted on Upwork and got a few leads, appreciated

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@appsmith_ninja Excellent thanks, I will send the detailed requirements doco to you later today to review, appreciated.