List Widget Pagination

When a user navigates to the next page of a list widget but there are no results, this what they see:

The user loses the ability to go to the previous page. They just see this blank white box. Is this a bug or have I improperly configured the list widget?

Hello! There must be a configuration issue. You should be able to navigate to the previous pages with no problems once you reach the end of the list. Please check this Forum post on how to implement server-side pagination.
Can you send a screenshot of your query that fetches the data and of the property pane of your List widget?

Hi Amelia,

Here are the screenshots you requested.

What appears to be missing on my end (which I do see in the demo you sent me), is this option on the list widget:

Appsmith Total Record Count

Thank you!


Hi Jordan!
I have checked and only in the edit mode, you are able to navigate to the previous pages once you reach the end of the list. In the deployed mode of the application, indeed, the “No data to display” screen is shown and you have to refresh the page to reset the list.
The Total Record Count property is currently only available for the Table widget, but we have this feature request on our roadmap: [Feature]: Need Total Record Count field for Server-side pagination in List widget · Issue #14551 · appsmithorg/appsmith · GitHub.
Please upvote it and comment with your use case on GitHub to help us prioritize it.
In the meantime, as a workaround, you can create a button that resets the List widget and re-runs the query. This way you don’t have to refresh the page.