List Widget - Auto Height possible in the future?

Hi there,

I have built an app with a list widget that retrieves data from a database.

My list is dynamic with items able to be added / removed. As the list widget height is static, and I have buttons underneath it, if the list is relatively empty (not enough to fill the widget height), then I get a lot of blank space in my app above my buttons. If the list fills up, then depending on the height I have set for the widget, I might end up with lots of page navigation required to move through the list.

I was just wondering if in the future it might be possible to add an auto height feature to the list widget like some of the other widgets have to be able dynamically size it - perhaps it could be based on the number of list items returned - e.g. dynamically size the list widget to fit up to x number of items returned, and then show the pagination options to move between list pages once this many items have been rendered? x being a value the developer could provide in a widget parameter.

Anyway, I’m very new to Appsmith (and am not a developer by any stretch) but am enjoying getting to know the product - also, apologies if this is all ready possible but I just havent figured out how to do it :slight_smile:


Hello @gpnz, this is currently not possible on Appsmith. However, we do have this on our radar. Please upvote and add your comment here - [Epic] Dynamically Change height for widgets (New Size Options for Container and other widgets) · Issue #11038 · appsmithorg/appsmith · GitHub

Thanks @Olawale, I will check that out :slight_smile: