Leaving tab open causes large performance issues

If I leave a tab open in Chrome with Appsmith (cloud) in edit mode, go do other things for 10-20 minutes, and then come back to the tab, very frequently my whole computer hangs. Chrome eventually gives a tab unresponsive message, but it can be difficult to hit it, because even my mouse becomes mostly unresponsive (intermittently responsive). If I do hit the button to kill it (and wait long enough for it to get killed) I get an error message about “CODE_HUNG”.

Control+alt+delete doesn’t even work. I’ve tried leaving task manager open when this happens to see if I could see what is going on, but the task manager stops updating when this problem happens. Sometimes I have to hard reboot the entire system as it becomes to unresponsive to even kill the tab.

I am trying to get in the habit of making sure I close the tab if I plan on being away from it for awhile, but this is difficult to work with.

Of note, this problem has happened with two different computers I am working from (one being a fairly modern gaming desktop).

Any ideas or suggestions?

Please help us with the following information for faster debugging.

Which version of Appsmith are you on?
Provide screenshots/screen recordings of the original error/code snippet.
Add details about your use case and provide steps to reproduce the issue, if possible.

@Laguna I’m using the cloud version of the app, which I assume is always in the most current version. If that’s not the case I’ll need to look into how to update it.

I cannot provide screenshots/screen recordings because the computer is basically nonfunctional until either I reboot it or perhaps get a chance to close/end the tab.

I can try and point a camera at my computer if that would help, but nothing looks wrong other than when I go back to the Appsmith tab after being away for an extended period, the computer just becomes mostly nonresponsive (and I can hear the fans kick on).

I can fork the app that I’m working on and share it with you if that would help, in case it is something to do with the app itself and not appsmith as a whole.

Alright. Let me log this with the team and get back to you with any helpful information I can get

Hi again! Quick question:

  1. Do you face this issue on chrome alone or it happens on other browsers as well?
  2. On chrome, does this issue also happen when you open the app on a private window?
  3. Could you invite support@appsmith.com as Developer to your workspace and share the link of your app with us so we can debug it?

Sorry, I have been out the last couple of weeks. Just getting back into things now. Noticed this is still happening.

  1. I only use Chrome. I’ll test it on Firefox later.
  2. I will test that as well.
  3. Done. Please see the Suntronic Ordering app as the one I have been working on lately. I am still experiencing these overwhelming consumption of resources to the point I have to hold down the power button to force the computer off.
  1. tested on Firefox, left open all day and didn’t see any issues. A little slow when I switched to that window but it quickly got up to speed. Note it was the only thing I had open on Firefox, all the rest of my work was done in Chrome. Will need to test actively putting all my work in Firefox later.

  2. tested in incognito window, nearly fully locked the system after only a little bit of use (managed to close it after waiting only 5 minutes before the system became fully inoperable). Note that I had not tried rebooting my computer after the Firefox test, but either way it shouldn’t have such a large performance hit when it’s just a tab that’s been idling in the background doing nothing for a few minutes. (well, while it is in the background I don’t see any kind of performance hit, just has problems when I switch to it again)

Thanks for getting back to us! We’ll have a look at this info.

Could you please share a link to the app? Even better if it’s a link to the page in question in edit mode.


Thank you! We’ll take a look. :slight_smile:

Just had this happen with Firefox. A little differently. This is the only tab in Firefox I use at all, I have been working off and on on the app all day, left for about 45 minutes and when I came back Firefox informed me the tab had crashed (happened while I was gone). At least it didn’t bring the whole computer down.

Hello Eric! Thank you. These details will help our team investigate the issue. We have filed a GitHub issue that you can track here: [Bug]: Performance Issues When Leaving App Open in a Browser's Tab · Issue #21116 · appsmithorg/appsmith · GitHub

Additional information:

The user is still experiencing this issue. I got in a call with them. This issue is only happening in the editor, and doesn’t appear to happen on Firefox. It does happen in Chrome and Edge. The browser is fine as long as the user doesn’t interact with the editor tab, but if they even mouse over a window with the tab opened it happens.