Keep getting a Firestore Error

Trying to do like in the Firestore tutorial and keep getting an error. Maybe that’s because I need to do something with IPs, but I failed to find any reference how to do that.

So how can I fix this and move further with the tutorial.


In order to use Firestore with Appsmith, you will need to whitelist our IPs on Firestore. The IPs are: and

This is mentioned in our documentation at:

Let me know if this works for you.

Hello. Thank you. I took a look. I see these recomendations for whitelisting at AWS. But I don;t have anything to do with AWS, I have problems with Google services. Or I have to register at AWS and do there these recomendations? Moreover, I use the cloud version of Appsmith and hoped it is already whitelisted everywhere.

Hi there!
Can you please check if the Service Account Credentials file still have access to your firestore db?

You will need to enter the content of entire JSON file in Service Account Credentials input. The file can be generated from Service Accounts under Project Settings.

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This part was done, as it shown in your tutorial:

This is the error I get when running a simple query:

Execution failed with status 5000 io.grpc.StatusRuntimeException: PERMISSION_DENIED: Permission denied on resource project artem-test-******-default-rtdb.
"Document/Collection Path":{
"Order By (JSON array of field names to order by)":{
"Start After":{
"End Before":{
"Limit Documents":{

@artildo do let us know if you’re still facing this issue. We’ll be happy to get n a call and debug this

Don’t know, I’m not using that now

I had similar issue. I fixed it by going to project settings copy project ID from there and past it in.