JSObject run on load success or error message

I have a JSObject that is allowed to run on page load:

export default {
	load: async () => {
		storeValue('sensorsjoin', get_sensorsondejoin.data);


This works great and does run on page load - but I see a success message load ran successfully when it works.

How can I suppress this success message (or use my own message)?

(Sorry in advance as my js is rusty apparently…)

Ugh, nvm. I should have tested this in the deployed app (where it doesn’t show…).

@patdavid Yes and this was a recent fix too in the deployed mode :slight_smile: - [Enhancement]: Remove Success toast messages for JS on page load in view mode · Issue #13581 · appsmithorg/appsmith · GitHub

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Aha! Thank you for that! I guess I should have searched on closed issues instead of open ones. :smiley: