Is there the ability to switch between production and develop datasources?

How correctly organize developing workflow?

Git Sync is integrated.
So when I’m starting to implement a new feature:
I create a new branch and work on it, so users will not see new changes.

But datasource is still pointing on production DB (and/or production API), and new unstable changes can corrupt production data!
I can manually switch datasource for every query, but if there are a lot of queries - it will be a problem.

Is there some mechanism to automatically change the datasource for all the queries (and API calls) at one moment?

Or, maybe, do I have a wrong understanding of the workflow?

@ivp We do have a separate open issue for multiple environments that you can track here - [Feature] Multiple Environments · Issue #2836 · appsmithorg/appsmith · GitHub

However, with the git-import feature which is just a few weeks away from release, we will be supporting multiple environments. Here is a small demo where one of our engineers demonstrated how this can be done

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Great news!
Thanks, @dancia.

Is this feature implemented in v1.6.15?
As I understand - not yet, because I can’t find the “Import from repo” button, there is only “Import from file”.
Do you know in what version it will be implemented?
I tried to find out this by myself but I didn’t find the GitHub issue for this feature.

Without this feature can I connect more than one Appsmith server to the same Git repo?
I have a local Appsmith server connected to Git repo, and I want to run Appsmith server in a cloud using the same Git repository. Am I able to do this?

@ivp git-import is not available to general public yet. Currently Appsmith team is testing this feature and fixing the bugs along with final polishing, as per our expectations it will be released to general public by mid of April. Until this is released we can’t have multiple apps connected to the same repo.

Thanks for the answer!
Waiting for the git-import feature :slight_smile: