Is there any tutorial / templates for simple shopping cart application?

I have currently attempted displaying products through the list feature and populating product details - I need to be able to run an instance and capture the selected products into a ‘cart’ and I’m not exactly sure on how to implement this.

Any pointers / guides or suggestions are welcome.

@dancia @GreenFlux This is a good template request.

@o2d You can use list widget to show the products. And use the storeValue function to store all the selected products.

@odo - here’s a tutorial - Building an E-commerce Store using Appsmith and Postgres

Thanks @pranav. We have a template in the pipeline that covers this use case. I’ll update here when it’s released. @dancia we should prioritize this one.


Great news, looking forward to the template!

Hey @o2d , the Ecommerce Store template is live!

This app uses the storeValue() function to build the cart on the client-side, as a draft, without needing to create/update a record for each item added. You can update the quantity or remove items, and everything is stored in the client’s browser, and can be resumed between sessions.

Hope this helps! Let me know if you have any questions on implementing this in your app.

This is great, thanks for the help. Is there a tutorial or guide on how to create this? I’d like to customize and add / remove features.

No, we don’t have a guide on it but feel free to ask if you have questions on how to customize it.