Is there an alt for component control( from retool)?


I really like this feature. Its very usefull

@seahurt Thanks for sharing this. On Appsmith you can control widgets using JS bindings similar to what is shown in the start and end date screenshot above. For eg the Datepicker widget on Appsmith below has JS toggles in properties that can be used to bind data

Similarly, although only run when and Debounce are not available on the UI they can be achieved by writing JS, where you can specify the condition when the function should be called and also use setInterval() and the _.debounce() function available in the Lodash JS library to delay the execution of the function.

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Thanks for your reply.

I known I can set widget value by js function within the widget config panel.

However, my point is changing this widget’s value within other widget’s event handle function.

For example, I want to change datepicker’s value by click a button.

The image I posted is not the config panel of datepicker, but a button’s event config .

@seahurt Oh my apologies for the confusion. This looks like a good feature to have especially because you can programmatically set properties in the UI. It is possible today with the click of a button as well on Appsmith but in our case, we’d have to use the storeValue function to assign the value on the click event of the button and then bind the value of the store in the Datepicker widget.

This will get even easier when the below feature is out - [Feature]-[4968]:Add functions to set meta properties programatically on widgets · Issue #3532 · appsmithorg/appsmith · GitHub

I’ll pass your suggestion to the team as well. So thank you so much for sharing this :slight_smile: