Is it possible to set Edit widget or RichText readonly without making it disabled?

Hello. I have a chat window on my page. I would like to make chat history widget (which is Edit or RichText) read-only. So it looks like a normal widget, but user cannot enter information there.

If I disable the widget it becomes unusable, because I cannot scroll anymore. I.e. here: disabling RichText is not what I’m looking for

If this is not yet supported out of the box, is it possible to make widgets read-only in JS code?

Hello Eduard! Instead, you could use a Text widget and set the Overflow Text property to Scroll and the Height to Fixed. Under Stye, you need to disable the Bold and Italic formatting and use HTML tags to format the text.

Let us know if this approach works for you.

Thanks a lot!

Actually, placing Text Widget with scrolls inside a container makes it look almost identical as Edit widget.