Is it possible to modify whole application style?

If appsmith is being embedded into other applications, style may need to be adapted to existing look&feel. Is this currently possible with appsmith? For example we would like to use blue color for Primary Button instead of default Green one.

Thank you!

Hi Droggo,

Unfortunately it is not possible today. However custom themes is a planned feature on our roadmap.

hi Vinod, thank you for quick answer!

Adding to what Vinod said.

We have some basic theming in our next update. See loom video.

We’ll have completely custom theming features in the near future. Here’s the Figma file if you’d like to see and give us feedback.

Hi Abhishek, thank you for answering ans sharing such detailed documentation. I went briefly through the documents and it seems this is exactly what is needed by us.

That’s great! Please wait for the next update to access button colors which’ll be live in another week to 10 days after we complete our testing process.

If you have any other suggestions for features that can help you, please drop a comment or file a GitHub issue. We prioritize our issues on the basis of community support :slight_smile: