Is it possible to get Table filter data

I have a table which has a table filter. I am using this filter to find perticuar record and do some action on that paticular record. After the particular action(ex: update query row level action) I want to load that particular record/records which I got after filtering. For this I want to store the filtered result and reload it with the updated values in the filter results. Is it possible to store the filter result which i am getting ?

@lavanya1 You can get this information using {{TableName.filteredTableData}}

Sorry, Not the filtered data I want the filtered query because I want to display the fitered data with updated values from database.

Ah sorry about the confusion. You can use storeValue function. Write a JS Object to store the filtered data from the query in the store variable and then bind the value of the store on the Table Data property.

Hey, sorry for the confusion, I think my requirement is different.

  1. I am getting data by table filter(may be it will be single row or multipe row based on filter values)
    2.I updated a record using button which is in table row.
    3.Now I want to display the updated values of the updated row with the filtered data (not the entire table data only filtered data)

@lavanya1 Ok got it. So all you have to do is call the query that populates the original table data after the update query runs. For eg: if your update query runs at the click of a button, then immediately after that run the query that pulls data for the table. This will ensure that the updated data is shown in the table.

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Hope I got the query right this time :sweat_smile:

I want to write a query using table fiter values. Is it posssible?

@lavanya1 You can get the filtered data from the table using TableName.filteredTableData and use it in your query.

heyo! i got the same need and found a solution:
you can access the filter values by accessing {{DataTable.filters}}. the stored Object looks like this: