Is it possible to disable the selected row on button click?

perticular row which i selected will be disable/enable on a button click.

@lavanya You can use storeValue function on click of the button to store -1 and then bind the value of the store variable in the Default Selected Row of the Table. You also have update the value of the storeVariable to the selected row index on row selection

Alternatively you can also use the resetWidget(“TableName”) function to remove any selected rows.

I just re-read your question. You want to disable a row? At this point you cannot edit row value, only perform actions on column with buttons, icon buttons etc so only these action buttons can be disabled. In any case, you should be able to do it using storeValue function as shown above and bind the value of the store (true/false) in the Disabled Property of the column.

Here’s a sample app that also shows how store value is used to not respond to row selection action after selecting row the first time (alert shows ‘Hello’ only the first time). Similar logic can be used for button click.