Is it possible to build a Time Scheduler like dhtmlxScheduler?


is it possible to build something like a Scheduler on Appsmith?
It schould look like and behaive like dhtmlxScheduler: dhtmlxScheduler with Node.js Scheduler Docs


Hi there!
This should be possible to do on appsmith. You might not be able to replicate the exact behaviour but you should be able to build something close

@Olawale thanks for your fast reply. Do you have any expierence on that topic or can you give me a bit more idea how to set this up?

thank you!

I’ve not done this before but, if you highlight the major components of what is to be done and what tool could do that on appsmith, I think the rest should reveal itself. Take for instance.

  1. You need a component to select start and end time. (Use the appsmith Date picker widget)
  2. A data storage for storing each time.
  3. A query that runs in the background for constantly checking your database for events whose start time are close to the current time so reminders can be sent… And so on

The UI might be a bit tedious to accomplish but, if you explore the appsmith widgets, I’m sure you’ll get something that works (even if it doesn’t look like the above)