Inviting Github User

Loving Appsmith so far and have been able to build out some really useful items for a small team.

Github oAuth would be an easy way for us to have access across multiple applications, however I’m unsure how we can have registration disabled and Github oauth accepting our users.

Also unsure how we can add github users to applications.

Does anyone have any ideas? Have search the docs and github without finding anything.

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Hi James :wave:
We unfortunately don’t have a way to automatically add users to an organisation yet. You will have to manually invite them today. You can however disable users from signing up following this guide.


Thats not a problem at all, I’m just not sure how to invite github users as they dont have an email, just a username.

My thoughts are at the moment, enable user registrations, have everyone sign in. turn user registrations off and then manually assign people to the organizations using Robo3t.

@latic just to be clear they don’t need to have their emails on github, if you ask them for their emails, you can invite them, and then they can sign up with their GitHub id from the invite email they receive. If you have no way of getting their emails then marking them in robo3t seems like the best option. We have a feature request for this here

Could you leave a bit of information on why you can only invite them via their GIthub Ids and not get access to their emails? It will help us understand the usecase and prioritise the feature sooner :slight_smile:


I understand the process flow a little more now.

Invite generates a key → they sign in with Github and then their user is created.

For invites to further projects we still use their email address (which is auth’ed by github). Thank you for clarification.

Glad I could help with this :slightly_smiling_face: