Integrate appsmith with amplitude

Hello! We have a tool called amplitude which tracks various use events such as page open, button click etc. We want to track these events in appsmith. How should we import the library and use its functions to track appsmith dashboard events? Thanks!

Hi @stiwari !
It looks like amplitude uses API key for authentication. You can create an authenticated REST API datasource on appsmith, and pass the api key as one of the headers. Please reach out if you get stuck along the way.


Thanks for the reply @RohanArthur
Just to clarify, are you suggesting to fire an amplitude API in the onClick events of appsmith components?

That’s definitely an option. Or, you can set up the API to fire on page load too - this is a configuration on the API, but if say you have a table widget that is set to get populated with the response, then the API runs on page load.