Input Box didn´t change Value


i have an Input Box within an Modal. It is prefiled with an valuen from an Table:
example: “Default Text: {{Table_users.selectedRow.iphone}}”

when i change the value of the Input Box and for example view the new Value in an MessageBox, always the Old Values is shown.

i absolutely do not understand what is happening here.

see Screnshot


Hello! I was unable to reproduce the issue. Please check this loom screen recording.
Could you please share a loom video where you record all steps you take when facing this so we could debug? Or, if possible, invite to your organization and share with us the link of an Appsmith app where this issue occurs.

Hi Amelia,

i can´t open the loom screen recording, sorry.
But i attached an Video of the Issue.


Hi Franz! Thanks for sharing this screen recording. I have tried again to reproduce the issue based on this, but on our side it works correctly. Could you please share with us the link of an app where the issue is present and invite to the organization?

Hi Amelia,

i am using a local onprem Version. So i think i can´t Invite you.
Here is the json export of the App:


This seems to be an edge case bug. Thanks for reporting it. We will soon share a workaround to this while we fix the main issue.

It is being tracked here - [Bug]: Input value in some cases doesn't get evaluated as expected and hence showAlert or binding shows wrong evaluated value. · Issue #12520 · appsmithorg/appsmith · GitHub