Implement Infrastructure as Code (using CDK) for quick installation and reduce configuration efforts


The current installation/setup process can be automated and improved upon by embracing Infrastructure as code, thereby eliminating/reducing manual installation/setup instructions.

At a very high level, define a Construct or Stack using CDK that will have the necessary components (ECR Containers, ELB, DB’s etc)

cdk synth && cdk deploy will validate the said stack and deploy/create resources automatically to bootstrapped AWS Accounts.

This solution has many benefits as follows

  1. CI-CD right out of the box (CDK pipelines)
  2. Infrastructure provisioning logic resides in code (No more Clickops or manual creation)
  3. Multi Region/Multi Account/Multi Environment Deployments/Installation with single command.

CDK has excellent support for TypeScript and Python, so lot of internal contributors would be empowered via this approach.



Thanks & Regards,

Omkar Kadam

Hello :wave: we have this issue tracked below and we’ll be working on it soon

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