Image Carousel on Appsmith

Here is an image carousel/image slider built on Appsmith using the image and progress bar widget:

Link to Forkable App: Appsmith

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this is a really cool trick. By extension, I could also create a carousel with multiple images to look like this:

  • the 6 images are all incremented by one, left to right.
  • the next button gets +6 instead of +1
  • the previous button gets -6 instead of -1

If I have my images in a database, I could paginate over them to get 6 results at a time, then iterate over the response to bind each image. The next and previous buttons would work on the pagination itself.


@RohanArthur it works in 2D as well if you use the row width * row number for the offset. :smile:
2023-03-03 06.09.44

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