HTML link in RichText widget is no longer clickable

I have a RichText widget in HTML mode into which I insert hrefs. I’m pretty sure that up to some point in the past, these links where clickable, i.e. the app would navigate to the href.

This no longer works, i.e. the href shows up as underlined with the proper text, but the mouse cursor doesn’t change and it can’t be clicked anymore. Bug?

Hi! You can open the links from the Rich Text Editor by right-clicking the underlined text and selecting the desired option.

However, if you display the same content in a text widget, then the mouse cursor changes on hover and you can click on it to navigate to the link.

I’m not sure if it worked before, but if it did, could this have changed due to the new cmd+click in context switching? If you do a cmd+click on the link inside RTE, it opens the link on a new tab.

Right-click it is - and as I said, I’m pretty (but not totally :wink: sure that this has changed at some point. But never mind, I’ll let my users know.