How to use dev/staging/prod for API calls?

What is the way to use different URL on each environment for API calls?

Hey @ogbofjnr! Unfortunately, multiple environments feature is still in the making. Although, you can get around it by creating separate workspaces for and treat them as separate envs. Here you’ll be able to create different datasources with different URL etc.

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@ogbofjnr thanks for getting in touch. This is Balaji from the Appsmith product team. As Pranav mentioned, the feature is still in the works. I’d love to hear from you on your use case for having different environment configurations for your API calls. Are you open to having a conversation about this? Please feel free to find a slot on my calendar - Calendly - Balaji Gopinath
Look forward to speaking to you.

I don’t think I have much to share. Just standard dev and staging with ability to test functionality before releasing it.
I’ve managed to solve it for now by multiple workspaces as @pranav suggested.