How to stay on selected row after updating data of row in a table?

After updating data of a row in a table widget, the active row jumps back to the first row in list.
Example in ‘Customer Support Dashboard’ app:
Clicking the ‘Click to Update’ button of the ‘Customer Update Form’. When row data is changed, it loses the row and flips back to first row of list.
How to make the form stay on the selected row after data is updated?

Hi @Torsten_B , sorry you are facing this issue. I found a similar issue in GitHub:

Are you using the Table widget’s PrimaryKey and Sorting features? Could you try turning one/both off and see if this is the same issue?

No sorting or filtering used, no primary key selected when it did not work. Added primary key ‘id’ fixed it.

With no sorting, row selection is retained.
When sorting is applied, the row gets lost again.
This is reproducible.

@Torsten_B , thanks for the detailed response. I’m adding this to the issue in GitHub. It might be a separate bug but it seems related and could have the same fix.

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@GreenFlux @Torsten_B for us to retain the selected row, the primary key has to be provided to the table. This is not a bug.