How to resize the JS code editing area in a widget control?

Hi, My second “How to” today. Here it goes…

When I use a form with a RESET and SUBMIT button how can I make the JS code editor bigger? It is so annoying to have to write the JS code in the small space allocated. Surely there is a way to expand that editor area so the code can be written easier and the lines and formatting will look better? Node-red has an expansion button that will expand the Editor area to a much more reasonable size, is this possible in Appsmith too?

Or? What did I miss?

Hello! We’re right now working on a feature where you can write code in a full fledged JS Editor. It should be available in a week or so :slight_smile:

Brilliantx2, but from one developer to an other… “A week or so” that is a bold statement :):):slight_smile:

@superace Hahahaha take my words with a pinch of salt but I’m feeling bullish because I have some insider information :wink:


hi, this new functionality looks amazing. I’m really interested. Is there an expected date for its launch?

Hi! It’s live for a few users and behind a feature flag for most users right now. We are testing it and it’ll be generally available very soon. Please keep an eye out on our release notes inside Appsmith!

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