How to query an REST API with path params?

Hi, I have an API path that looks like this:


So I created a resource and two text boxes that interpolate the values into the URL:
/mailbox/namespaces/{{ Namespace.text }}/messages/{{ MessageId.text }}

However when I run it, it says it fails, and clicking on the Debug button that pops up says “Oops! Something went wrong” and asks me to retry… which of course just does the same thing again.

Anyone know how what the right way to do this is?

Hi @xargs, Thanks for reaching out.

Need to understand a few things here:

  1. Do you see the correct evaluated value in the API pane?
  2. Does the API execute? Do you get an error before / after the execution?
  3. When you say “clicking the debug button button that pops up” Do you mean that the application crashes?
  4. Are you on self hosted instance or Appsmith cloud?

Where is the API pane that shows the eval? I see in the log pane it says:
11:10:24 [GetMessageById]Datasource structure could not be retrieved GetMessageById.datasource

It doesn’t appear to execute

Yes, it crashes

Cloud version

Hi @xargs , as mentioned it turned out that the bindings were in the API datasource instead of the API pane and that lead to this issue