How to make REALLY custom URLs in Appsmith


I saw that there is a long-awaited feature of custom URLs in Appsmith.
So far, it is only possible to customize just a portion of the Dashbord URL, i.e.

I have a self-hosted version of Appsmith and I’m wondering if reverse proxy servers (nginx, caddy, traefik etc…) have any options to make custom URLs. Is it possible to route the default Appsmith URL to some other address?
I.e. to have a proper value like https://<APPSMITH DOMAIN NAME>/<APP NAME>/<PAGE NAME>

The last URL portion of every page with random symbols is SOOO annoying, even though the product is super cool!

Thanks a lot for your reply!

Hey you can set up a custom domain - SSL & Custom Domain | Appsmith for your self hosted instance

Sharing the link to the GitHub issue for custom URL here - [EPIC] Clean URL phase 2 · Issue #13815 · appsmithorg/appsmith · GitHub. As mentioned in the link, you will be able to customize the App slug but not the page id :slightly_frowning_face: as this is a UUID

Thanks for reply.
I already have a custom domain and I already saw this GitHub issue.

My question was a bit different. Since AppSmith doesn’t support clean URLs at the moment, I was wondering if I can override them inside my reverse proxy server (nginx / caddy etc.).

My idea was to manually re-route URLs that are generated by Appsmith into something different (since my dashboard has around 10 pages, this should be doable). But I don’t have enough knowledge with the reverse proxy servers to find a definite answer.

Got it. Apologies for the confusion. Checking with the team to see if we have a workaround/solution for this.

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Apologies for the delay in getting back. As of today, unfortunately, configuring the reverse proxy servers won’t be able to solve the problem. This is what the engineering team had to say about this.

The Appsmith client needs to know the page ID and app ID to make requests to the server. Reverse proxies can’t reliably help here, because it’s the client that extracts the pageId from the URL, not the server. So the pageId needs to show up in the browser URL, for the client to pick it up.

Thanks a lot for the explanation!

Just to put here a possible workaround of someone who will be reading this topic:
so far custom URLs can be partially achieved via iframes. It is possible to embed the Appsmith dashboard into another page where you can control the URL.


Hey, wanted to reach out and let you know that you just saved me a massive headache. Thank you so much dude, youre the man

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