How to handle multiple users on the same page

I’ve built apps that we will use for our internal tool. We will have multiple people working on the same page. How can I manage having multiple users without running into issues. For example: One of the apps is an ops tool where the team can see all the incoming orders and process them. How can I avoid multiple team members working on the same customer. Each team member will see the same list of all orders and it is likely that they choose to work on the same order (trying to separate/pre-assign the orders is not ideal).

Hey @Nadeem! Welcome to Appsmith community.

To answer your question, we don’t have RTS functionality for now. So, implementations of collision detection is out of the picture. But, you can do an assignment of an oder when your users open that order. And Also add a functionality for others to take over some order. You can use polling to get the assignee every few seconds.
here is a sample app that shows how to do polling - Appsmith