How to get all table data when inline editing a couple of rows?


I have a table that is populated by a query.
And I update 1 column of some rows inside of it.
Now I have updatedRows that has only the updated rows.
And .data which has the unedited data. (actually using store for this)
How can I get all rows (existing unmodified & modified rows)?

I tried traversing the data rows, and checking the index if it exists in `index

// edit the second row in the table
console.log(timingTable.updatedRowIndices) // [1]
for (var key in {
  console.log("got_key:" + key + ':' + timingTable.updatedRowIndices.indexOf(key))

Even though updatedRowIndices is [1], all .indexOf(key) return -1, like the key isn’t there.

Any idea why this doesn’t work? Is there a nicer way?


@ddorian43 You’d have to merge the data from the two JSON objects if you need the unmodified and modified rows. Do check out the conversation here - Discord