How to embed blob to iframe,

Is it possible to embed blob to iframe, such as “…”

Hey @hismayilov , you can directly put the base64 string to the source of the iframe widget. Please find the following image for the same.

in my case not working,

I do copy-paste evaluated value to address bar, it works. In iFrame not.

Can you try changing the data:application/xml, to data:application/xml;base64,

nope, cuz return is not in base64,
also encoded to base64 and used, but didn’t work.

Hey, will it be possible to share the image or any sample image in this format so I can test it on my end. Will be able to help better.

this is what I generate on app.

Hey, the link is showing 403 forbidden. Can you share it with my email address?
pass: y74yAw#N7bPp@Z