How to display a different text boolean json?

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I have a table with a column of boolean values . I need those values to display a different text.
i was able to display as true or false with this binding {{Boolean(currentRow.Nat)}} , But i would like it to display instead of true = natural and instead of false = synth .

help is greatly appreciated . Thank you

@Dameats You can use

{{currentRow.Nat == "true" ? "natural" : "synth"}}


as always thank you so much worked like a charm

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I have similar issue, basically I have 2 tables with 2 columns(key & values) but the keys are not in order, because sometimes 2 table have more or less keys so the order matching will change.
Now issue is I like to compare 2 tables values with keys, if 2nd Table have matching key with different value then I need to highlight the background.
my sample code :
if(Object.hasOwn(, currentRow.Brandkey)){
const val1 =[currentRow.Brandkey];
currentRow.Value == val1 ? ‘transparent’ : ‘red’;

please help me.