How to create a new(second) app in different workspace but using same git repo?

I already have an app in one workspace.
I created one more app in a different workspace( As it has a separate user base so I need to manage separate access for it)

The plan is to have a single dedicated repo for all the appsmith apps,
While I am trying to integrate the existing repo (connect with app 1) to app 2, getting error as :


The remote repository is not empty. Please create a new empty repository and configure the SSH keys. If you wish to clone and build an application from an existing remote repository, please use the “Import from a Git repository” option in the home page.


  1. Is it required to maintain a separate repo for every single app?
  2. On what criteria the repo can be shared between two applications.?

Hey @Surendra, welcome to the Appsmith community!

As of this juncture, each app has to be stored in a separate git repo.

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Hi @pranav ,

Yes this helped!