How to contact Appsmith support - Lost access to self-hosted instance on AWS EC2

Hi, we are battling to access our Appsmith instance for some reason and cannot figure out how we can make contact with support. Please can someone point us in the right direction?

Hi! I am really sorry you are facing these troubles. Could you share more details on the issues you are facing and send some screenshots?
Also, please send us the server logs to help us investigate the issue. You can grab the logs by running: docker logs -f appsmith
Or you could follow the steps from this guide on how to get the logs for a deployment based on Docker Compose (most common) to get the logs.

You can contact support here on this forum, you can join our Discord community and create topics there, or you can chat with us from our documentation pages by clicking this icon:
You can also email us at

Our Appsmith instance is running on an EC2 instance. The account was created with an email/password combo, not Google Auth. But when I got to sign in with the email/password combo it is saying “Please use Google authentication to log in to Appsmith” So then I use Google Auth with the same email address that is used for the email/password combo and it is taking me to an account that is not the account we use for production. It is taking me to the old demo apps we were building.

Hi @slxde,
I believe you are using the older appsmith slim container.
Is the email/password you used for the Admin account?
Could you please ssh into your ec2 instance, and navigate to your appsmith host directory.
You will find the docker.env file there.
Edit the docker.env file and remove the values for the following ENV variables.

    After saving the edited docker.env, restart the appsmith server by running the command:
    docker restart <id of the appsmith server container>
    or if you are in the same directory as the docker-compose.yml file, you can run
    docker-compose restart appsmith_appsmith-internal-server-1

Finally, you can try logging in again with just the email/password.

Thank you for the response. I’m a bit nervous to fiddle with the instance in case I break it more. Is there a way I can back this up before editing it?

( the mongo uri is present in the docker.env file, you can use
cat docker.env | grep APPSMITH_MONGODB_URI. )

You can take a dump of the mongodb by running the command on the docker host.
mongodump --uri "mongodb://<rootUsername>:<rootPassword>@localhost:27017/appsmith" --out=./appsmith-mongo-dump
Create a copy of the docker.env as a backup.
mv docker.env docker.env.bk