How or where to use setInterval?

How/ where to use setInterval please.

I found feat: setInterval and clearInterval support by hetunandu · Pull Request #8158 · appsmithorg/appsmith · GitHub but after trying it in a few places (yes I have data setup - but it’s Firestore not MySQL) it doesn’t seem to validate. I just get “setInterval is not a function”.

I can get the data into a table, no problem. I just can’t add setInterval and live/ reatime data is the whole reason I am using AppSmith, I didn’t even consider that it wouldn’t be a feature that data from (specifically) Firebase isn’t updated.

Surely a ‘webapp’ is the kind of thing to have live data/ workers/ web socket as standard, in comparison to a normal static webpage?

Also reference in: Having a query table automatically update and reflect new values in the database - #3 by bebca1

FYI I’m on AppSmith Cloud

Hey @bebca1, sorry for the delayed response, you can use setInterval function to automatically update data on widgets from queries.

Here is the documentation for this:

Please find a more detailed example here: