How do I use the camera widget on a self-hosted instance?

Hi all,

I am trying to play with the camera widget, but when I add it to a new app on my self hosted instance, I get a message saying “getUserMedia is not implemented in this browser”.

The funny thing is, if I open a new tab and logon to my instance at and do the same thing, the camera widget seems to work fine.

Any ideas? :slight_smile:

Hi there!
Just to be clear, the camera widget works on the cloud but doesn’t work on your self-hosted instance? right?

Hi Olawale, yes that is correct.

Hey @gpnz
Can I ask what version of Appsmith are you running on your self-hosted instance?

Hey @Olawale, I’m running Appsmith Community v1.9.12.

Hello @gpnz! Can you please share this app with us to debug this scenario? Add as a Developer and send us the link to it.

Thanks Amelia, I have flicked through the link to :slight_smile:


Hello! I have checked the app. It seems that you are getting this error because you are not using HTTPS.
Please check our documentation on how to configure SSL.

Thanks Amelia! Working great now :slight_smile: