How do I stop the default signin/signup form from showing. I'm already using Google OAuth

I just want to be using the Google OAuth alone.

@Julius have you checked out this documentation - Google OAuth - Appsmith

@dancia, Yes I have. I integrated Google 0Auth successfully. Now, I want to remove the manual sigin/signup form inputs. I want Google 0Auth to be the only way into my app.

@Julius Did you update the following in your docker.env file?

# Example docker configuration
# ******** Google OAuth ********
# ******************************

@dancia Yes, I have Google OAuth working already. It’s the old signin/signup form that I want to remove.

@Julius Sorry for not understanding your question earlier. Unfortunately, the default signin/signup form will appear on the left alongwith the Sign in with Google option on the right. But we have this in the works and it will be released soon :slight_smile:

@dancia, I really appreciate this Update. Thank you so much.

Hi @Julius you should now be able to disable the default login form by adding APPSMITH_FORM_LOGIN_DISABLED=true in your .env file. :slight_smile:

This is good news @dancia. Thank you for the update. And thank everyone in your team for making this happen. I’m grateful

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