How do I run multiple APIs concurrently on button click?

I’d like to execute multiple APIs concurrently when I click on a particular button. Is there a way that I can achieve this?

Yes. You can add multiple run calls one after the other in the onClick trigger.
After converting the field into JS the following method will call both the APIs

{{; }}

Will this allow data returned from API1 to be used as a variable/param in API2?

Yes, you can do that. The second API will run only after the first one succeeds.

I got it figured out with the Workflow method on success.

My application is for an asset tag scanner to scan to an input field. Currently, I’m using the Submit button to run API get for the Asset Tag to ID (required for 2nd). Then the 2nd API post to checkin the asset using the ID (required in API).

I’d prefer to not have to click the Submit button every time. I think our scanners have the ability to do a Tab+Enter… so checking on that. But wondering if there is a method to run the Workflow without clicking Submit. I tried onChange on the text input, but it doesn’t seem to run the 2nd.

Also, we have set the scanner to use the Tab+Enter… it also fails on the 2nd API. But I’m not sure if there is a log of that transaction. It seems the the value from the first API get (id) is not being retrieved with using onChange or the scanner Tab+Enter. Yet, when manually click on the Submit with same workflow it works. Weird. Kind of has me confused.